"Get Off Your Assets," Written by Bill McCleskey

2018-06-30 12:00:00

Nashville, TN, June 30, 2018 -- More than ever people want to leave their jobs and become full-time entrepreneurs, especially sales people. And it makes sense. If you’re a great sales professional, why not do the work for yourself and get paid more money? This is exactly what Bill McCleskey did. And his compelling journey from employee to entrepreneur is detailed in his new book, "GOYA, GET OFF YOUR ASSETS: Before You Leave Your Day Job."

Working for Comcast Business as a Business Account Executive (BAE) was a revelation to McCleskey that he needed to be an entrepreneur. Within 10 months of launching MitechPartners.com, McCleskey doubled his income. Within 2 years, Mitech Partners was featured in multiple publications and awarded Business of the Year by the Nashville Black Chamber of Commerce. Within 4 years, Mitech was featured in the Nashville Business Journal as a top 20 minority firm in Nashville, Tennessee. Now, Mitech boasts of nearly 300 Sales Affiliates throughout the US and over 1,200 clients like Holiday Inn Express, Zaxby’s and Farmers Bank & Trust.

In "GET OFF YOUR ASSETS," Bill McCleskey shares that success didn’t happen overnight. The journey started when he launched his first company as a freshman in college at Fisk University. “I had some lessons to learn that had nothing to do with how to growing revenue or financial statements. As a freshman, I started the journey to build the necessary characteristics within me to become an extraordinary entrepreneur. Although I didn’t know that’s what I was doing, navigating the maze of entrepreneurship molded certain qualities in me that helped me achieve outstanding results,” McCleskey says.

"GET OFF YOUR ASSETS" covers several success principles that requirement development and mastery if one is to consider taking the leap as an entrepreneur. McCleskey claims, “The innate qualities we’ve nurtured as individuals are sometimes the only assets we have to get us through tough times when we’re building an idea or in route to a big goal.”

McCleskey poses the question, “When you’re knocked down 7 times, what makes you want to get back up the 8th time? Are you able to turn off all distractions and maintain an intense focus on your work despite what’s going on around you? Can you push yourself passed your perceived limitations? Are you willing to wake up 3 hours earlier each morning? Can you even operate on 3 hours of sleep?”

In "GET OFF YOUR ASSETS," McCleskey explains that entrepreneurship is not about a product or service. It’s about becoming a different person. A better person. The best version of yourself. “If you are willing to grow through the pain, you might have a shot,” McCleskey adds. “If you are willing to grind when you’re tired, there’s hope for you. This entrepreneur journey is not for the faint at heart. It will chew you up and spit you out without even thinking. However, your will inside is the only thing that will determine your ultimate path.”

For more information about "GET OFF YOUR ASSETS," visit GOYAbook.com.