Mega Lamp Shade Factory Offers High Quality Fabric Lamp Shades with Fancy Designs

2018-07-04 12:00:00

Mega Lamp Shade Factory is one of the most reputable lamp shade manufacturers in China. It produces remarkable lamp shades with various size and fabrics.

Several years ago, lamp shade was considered very old-school. Therefore, it is highly avoided in modern house design. Nowadays, it has become an inseparable part of any design interiors, both for classic and modern style. It also can be used to control the light and protect the eyes, which make it a versatile decoration.

Mega Lamp Shade Factory, a reputable China fabric lamp shade manufacturer, plays an important role in this trend. The company offers various unique fabrics, designs, materials and also shapes, which gives plenty of freedom for the consumers to choose their favorite lamp shades.

As the biggest wholesale lamp shade supplier in China that puts quality as its top priority, Mega Lamp Shades manufactures its products in its own facilities. The company’s three factories and over 100 experienced craftsmen have produced more than 100,000 types of shade fabric. Some of the most popular lamp shades fabrics include laser cut fabric, lighting parchment and soft black cotton fabric, hard back linen fabrics.

“The Lamp shade is no longer deemed as an outdated ornament that is only suitable for old houses and mansions. Now, it has become a design statement, a necessary piece to beautify a room. We are fully aware of this shift of paradigm and this is why in the Mega Lamp Shades Factory, we always come up with thenew designs and more attractive fabrics. As the best lamp shades manufacturer and also the best shade fabrics and accessories supplier, it is our job to make sure our products are never going out of style,” said the CEO of the company.

Besides quality fabric and attractive design, Mega Lamp Shade’s products are also praised for their easy maintenance. It is easy to clean the fabric shades and only simple cleaning tools, like hand vacuum and clean cloth are needed. Every material has different characteristic so the company will gladly provide maintenance guidance for those who need it.

About Mega Lamp Shade Factory

Mega Lamp Shade Factory is a leading lamp shade manufacturer in China. With more than 15 years of experience in the industry, this company has worked with hundreds of clients and supplied its products to numerous designers, hotels, and other commercial residences and facilities. Mega Lamp Shade is capable to make any shapes of lamp shades from any types of fabrics, giving unlimited design opportunity for its consumers.

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