Nuance Announces General Availability of Cloud-Based Version of mPower Clinical Analytics Platform for Radiology at AHRA 2018

2018-07-22 12:00:00

ORLANDO, Fla., July 22, 2018 -- At the AHRA 2018 Annual Meeting and Exposition today, Nuance Communications, Inc. announced the general availability of a cloud-based version of its proven mPower™ Clinical Analytics platform for radiology. mPower Clinical Analytics helps radiologists develop performance improvement strategies through industry benchmarks and best practices. The cloud-based platform enables faster, easier access to actionable insights and provides advanced features, including a new quantitative findings analysis capability. This new feature helps radiologists reduce care delays, evaluate MIPS measures and strengthen quality improvement efforts. Also, at the meeting, Nuance will be demonstrating real-life applications of its AI Marketplace for Diagnostic Imaging, an open platform that is accelerating the development, deployment and adoption of AI for medical imaging.
Nuance’s announcement comes as the healthcare industry enters an era of value-based care in which radiologists spend a tremendous amount of time on paperwork and routine processes due to growing reporting requirements. In addition, locating, extracting and interpreting appropriate patient information from reports can be difficult and time-consuming. Nuance’s cloud-based, AI-powered tools help overcome these challenges by enabling radiologists to more quickly and accurately extract, aggregate, analyze and report on patient data.“Nuance understands the value-based challenges that radiologists currently face and how to harness technology to address them. When used to augment a radiologist’s work, Nuance’s mPower Clinical Analytics platform can triple the positive impact of recommendation tracking systems,” said Ben Wandtke, MD, MS, chief of diagnostic imaging, FF Thompson Hospital. “Not only does this cloud-based technology help optimize productivity and efficiency, it also improves compliance and increases technical revenue for radiology practices.”Providing Data-Driven Insights to Drive Positive OutcomesReduce length of stay – Modeling industry best practices, mPower can decrease patient length of stay (LOS) up to three days for patients needing interventional procedures by tracking inpatient recommendations and facilitating care coordination.Improve regulatory and billing compliance – By facilitating MIPS and other regulatory reporting, radiologists can optimize billing, reimbursement and outcomes documentation.Identify variability in follow-up recommendations – The platform automatically extracts follow-up recommendations from reports, creates detailed profiles for consistency, and enables radiologists to appropriately target and remediate recommendation variability while identifying overdue examinations.Increase revenues – By comparing problems, benchmarks and results across the industry, mPower helps practice managers develop and run an operationally efficient organization that profitably delivers effective clinical care.Reduce inappropriate imaging – mPower’s data mining algorithms can help identify outliers, guide quality improvement efforts and reduce unnecessary ordering of images.Provide enhanced security – the cloud-based platform is hosted in Microsoft Azure, a HITRUST CSF certified hosting infrastructure, enabling easier upgrades, minimizing service disruptions and reducing total cost of ownership with reduced maintenance costs.“Facing mounting pressure to demonstrate value and quality, radiologists must harness the intelligence hidden within their data and those of the industry to garner clinical insights into their biggest performance and quality challenges,” said Karen Holzberger, vice president and general manager, Healthcare Diagnostics, Nuance. “Through Nuance-developed algorithms, the cloud-based mPower Clinical Analytics platform enables a more seamless and secure approach to extracting actionable, clinical information more efficiently. This data can then be used proactively and play a more active role in improving patient care.”Proving the Power of AI-Driven Radiology WorkflowsAttendees visiting Nuance’s booth will be able to experience an example of an AI-driven clinical use case for reading and analyzing CT chest images to detect lung nodules, in collaboration with registered AI Marketplace developers, Aidence, and Client Outlook’s eUnity image viewing platform. This demonstration will illustrate one example of how AI can be developed and seamlessly integrated into a Nuance-based radiology workflow, augmenting the role of radiologists.On Tuesday, July 24 from 4:15 – 5:45 PM ET, Woojin Kim, MD, chief medical information officer at Nuance, will present a breakout session titled “Analytics and AI in Radiology in the Era of Value-Based Care.”About Nuance Healthcare
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